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VCU Institute for Women’s Health awarded nearly $50,000 in Community-Based Research Grants to Improve Health of Women and Girls. Community-based research awards allowed researchers and community organizations to study and conduct projects addressing community needs such as:

  • understanding risks of contracting sexually transmitted disease and the impact of guidelines for HPV vaccination,
  • analysis of exercise and nutrition in women and men with substance use disorders,
  • substance abuse treatment and overall healthy living for women and girls.

2009-2010 Award Recipients:

Aripita Aggarwal, MD
“Perception of Cervical Cancer Screening Post HPV Vaccination—Impact of new guidelines”
Community Partner:
Rubicon, Inc

Tegwyn Brickhouse, DSS
“Perinatal Influences on the Incidence of Early Childhood Caries in Richmond Healthy Start Infants”
Community Partner: Richmond Healthy Start

Pamela Dillon, PhD
“An Analysis of Exercise and Nutrition Profiles in a Community Sample of Women and Men with Substance Use Disorders”
Community Partner:  Substance Abuse & Addition Recovery Alliance of Virginia

Lelia Islam
“Motivational Incentives to Increase Exercise Compliance in Cocaine-Dependent Women”
Community Partner:
 Rubicon, Inc

Jo Robins, PhD, RN
“Exploring the Feasibility and Acceptability of a Novel Tai Chi Program for Stress Management in Women”
Community Partner:  Neighborhood Resource Center in Fulton Hill


VCU Institute for Women’s Health awarded nine first-time seed grants, totaling nearly $86,000 in Community-Based Research Grants to Improve the Health of Women and Girls in 2007. Projects were selected for their innovative design to bridge the gap between academia and the community, specifically targeting community health issues impacting women and girls. These projects contribute to the Institute’s goals of community engagement through fostering new partnerships that promote a participatory, cooperative and co-learning process for VCU researchers and our community partners.

2007-2008 Award Recipients:

Rosalie Corona, PhD
“Barriers & Supports to Teen Pregnancy Prevention among Latina Adolescents”
Community Partner: Clark-Hill Institute for Positive Youth Development, City of Richmond Hispanic Liaison Office, City of Richmond Teen Pregnancy Prevention Services

Lori Keyser Marcus, PhD
“Motivational Strategies to Help Bridge the Gap from Referral to Treatment for Substance Use and Depression”
Community Partner: The Richmond Healthy Start Initiative, Richmond Behavioral Health Authority, Virginia Department of Health, Women, Infants, and Children, Children’s Health Involving Parents (original community partner who had to be replaced as a research site)

Sarah Kye Price, PhD
“Women, Loss, and Depression: Collaborative Knowledge Building from the Process of Findings of a CBPR Pilot”
Community Partner: Comprehensive Health Investment Project of Virginia (CHIP) CHIP of Greater Richmond, CHIP of Petersburg

Anh Bao Nguyen
Suc Khoe La Quan Trong Hong Sac Dep! (Health Is More Important than Beauty!) A Breast and Cervical Cancer Intervention for Vietnamese-American Women”
Community Partner: Vietnamese Church of Martyrs

Saba Masho, MD, MPH, DrPH
“A Pilot Study Examining the Impact of a Comprehensive Perinatal Access Program Among Non-Medicaid Eligible Hispanic Women”
Community Partner: CrossOver Ministry, Planned Parenthood, Chesterfield County Health District, Richmond Enhancing Access to Community Health Care, Virginia Commonwealth University Health System

Diane Langhorst, PhD
“Improving Employment Outcomes for Individuals with Substance Dependence”
Community Partner: Richmond Behavioral Health Authority

Sarah Meshberg-Cohen
Expressive Writing as a Therapeutic Process for Drug Dependent Women
Community Partner: Rubicon, Inc.

Anika Alvanzo, MD, MS
Project TAPS: Trauma, Alcohol, and Psychiatric Symptoms in Women`
Community Partner: Capitol Area Health Network

Judith Bradford, PhD
Exploring Access to Prenatal Care at VCUHS Nelson Clinic
Community Partner: Richmond Healthy Start Initiative


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